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PowerSimData is part of a Python software ecosystem developed by Breakthrough Energy Sciences to carry out power flow study in the U.S. electrical grid.

Main Features

Here are a few things that PowerSimData can do:

  • Provide a flexible modeling tool to create complex scenarios
  • Perform investment cost studies
  • Run power flow study using interface to external simulation engine
  • Manage data throughout the lifecycle of a simulation

A detailed tutorial can be found on our docs.

Where to get it

  • Clone or Fork the source code on GitHub
  • Get latest release from PyPi: pip install powersimdata


PowerSimData relies on several Python packages all available on PyPi. The list can be found in the requirements.txt or Pipfile files both located at the root of this package.


To take full advantage of our software, we recommend that you clone/fork plug and follow the information therein to get our containerized framework up and running. A client/server installation is also possible and outlined in our Installation Guide. Either way, you will need a powerful solver, e.g. Gurobi, to run complex scenarios.

Only a limited set of features are available when solely installing PowerSimData. If you choose this option, we recommend that you use pipenv:

pipenv sync
pipenv shell

since the dependencies will be installed in an isolated environment. It is of course possible to install the dependencies using the requirements file:

pip install -r requirements.txt




Code documentation in form of Python docstrings along with an overview of the package are available on our website.

Communication Channels

Sign up to our email list and our Slack workspace to get in touch with us.


All contributions (bug report, documentation, feature development, etc.) are welcome. An overview on how to contribute to this project can be found in our Contribution Guide.