Website for learning JavaScript Harmony (ES6+)
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This is the code for the website It is a static site with a custom Markdown/FrontMatter build step. Everything has been written using ES6 modules. I deploy the site to GitHub Pages using npm run publish command, which uses webpack sends it to the docs folder.


If you want to run the site locally, just do the following:

npm install
npm start

That will watch for changes and rebuild the static assets. It will also start a local server for you to point your browser at and test with.

Building Content

If you change anything in the content folder, you need to re-build the content using npm run content


Yes, I happily take contributions. Please make sure that running start and build comes out without errors. There are no unit tests right now, but there may be in the future. This project is hooked up to Travis CI but it will not automatically deploy.

Want to chat?

There is a chat room set up. There isn't a lot of activity there, but if you join and write a message, I'll get notified.