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The Mac App for YouTube Channels.



Channels, began as a 3 week, final project at a coding bootcamp. Since then, in an effort to gain a better understanding of React and Redux, I've completely rewritten the 3 week app. The rewrite includes some great new tooling and libraries such as: Flow, ESLint, and Jest.


You can download Channels for free from the GitHub repository releases page.




  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device
  2. Install the dependencies: yarn
  3. Start the app in the dev environment: yarn run dev

Additional Commands

  • Start the app in the prod environment: yarn run start
  • Verify your code works in the packaged app: yarn run package

💡 You can debug your production build with devtools by simply setting the DEBUG_PROD env variable:

DEBUG_PROD=true yarn run start
DEBUG_PROD=true yarn run package
  • Flow type checking: yarn run flow
  • ESLint: yarn run lint
  • stylelint: yarn run lint-styles
  • To run Unit Tests: yarn run test
  • To run End-to-End Test: yarn run test-e2e

Known issues that can happen during development

Error with codesign when running yarn run package

If you have issues in the codesign step when running yarn run package, you can temporarily disable code signing locally by setting export CSC_IDENTITY_AUTO_DISCOVERY=false for the current terminal session.