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mhrastnik commented Oct 19, 2020

When I want to insert a tag using "Response -> Body attribute", in the list of all requests in the dropdown, the requests are not sorted like in the sidebar.

I'd like the requests in the dropdown list to be sorted like in the sidebar.

I often sort the requests as to group them by functionality, and it's hard to navigate through 30+ requests to find the one I need.

Here's how the dropdow

DemonioCZ commented Feb 18, 2020

Hi, I found mistake in translation to czech, but I dont see it in this file. By every mail content, there is a number of "opens" (how many times it was open). Wrong czech translation is "otevřít"... it should be "otevřeno"

prat0088 commented Oct 16, 2020

Problem Statement

I want to be reminded what task I'm on, or quickly move from break to the next pomodoro.

Possible Solution

Hover over the app icon (task bar, not system tray) to reveal a nicely formatted card of the current task's title, the current timer time, and start/stop/pause buttons, like many media player apps have.


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