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An Asyncronous Redis Client in Rust using std::future, as dark as the night(ly) sky.
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darkredis : A Redis client based on std::future and async_await

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darkredis is a Redis client for Rust written using the new std::future and async await. Currently nightly only, the library tries to be ergonomic and easy to use.

Currently not all Redis commands have convenience functions, and there may be ergonomic improvements to make.


There are other Redis clients out there for Rust, but none of them allow you to easily write await in your code. redis-rs is a good client for sure, but it's async module is based on futures 0.1. Therefore, I ripped my custom-written Redis client from an async project of mine. The result of this is darkredis, and I hope it will be useful to you, even if only to experiment with async and await.

Cargo features

  • runtime_tokio(on by default): Use the tokio 0.2 runtime and Tcp primitives. Requires a running tokio 0.2 runtime.
  • runtime_agonic: Use async-std instead of tokio, allowing you to use other runtimes than tokio. Is mutually exclusive with the runtime_tokio feature.

Getting started

  • Add darkredis and to your Cargo.toml.
  • Create an async context somehow, for instance by using tokio 0.2.
  • Create a ConnectionPool and grab a connection!
use darkredis::ConnectionPool;

async fn main() -> darkredis::Result<()> {
    let pool = ConnectionPool::create("".into(), None, num_cpus::get()).await?;
    let mut conn = pool.get().await;

    //And away!
    conn.set("secret_entrance", b"behind the bookshelf").await?;
    let secret_entrance = conn.get("secret_entrance").await?;
    assert_eq!(secret_entrance, Some("behind the bookshelf".into()));

    //Keep our secrets




  • (BREAKING) Add the runtime_agnostic and runtime_tokio features.
  • Simple Pubsub support using the MessageStream and PMessageStream types.
  • Ability to spawn a new connection using the settings from a ConnectionPool
  • Use tokio in test mode.
  • Add convenience function for PUBLISH
  • Add pubsub example
  • Add variants of builder functions for Command and CommandList which mutate the object instead of moving it.


  • Expclicitly use traits from async-std, not std. This fixes compilation on async-std 0.99.5


  • Add convenience functions for the INCR and DECR family of commands, as well as for APPEND, MGET, MSET, EXISTS.
  • Improve the documentation of convenience functions
  • Allow renaming of client connections in connection pools


  • Use async-std instead of runtime for TcpStream, allowing using darkredis with any runtime.


  • Update dependencies


  • Fix compilation error on latest nightly


  • Command and CommandList no longer perform any copies
  • Added args method to Command and CommandList
  • lpush and rpush now take multiple arguments
  • Support password auth
  • lrange no longer returns an Option, returns an empty vec instead.
  • Add convenience functions for the following commands: lset, ltrim


  • Remove unnecesarry generic parameter from lpop and rpop methods.


  • Fix a couple documentation errors


  • Initial release


If you're hacking on darkredis and want to run the tests, make sure you have a Redis instance running on your local machine on port 6379. The tests clean up any keys set by themselves, unless the test fails. Please submit an issue if it does not.

Also, make sure to run the tests using both the runtime_tokio and runtime_agnostic features, to make sure that it works.

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