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This is a new minor version release of ripgrep that includes one minor breaking
change, bug fixes and several new features including support for text encodings
other than UTF-8.

A notable accomplishment with respect to Rust is that ripgrep proper now only
contains a single unsafe use (for accessing the contents of a memory map).

The breaking change is:

  • FEATURE #380:
    Line numbers are now hidden by default when ripgrep is printing to a tty
    and the only thing searched is stdin.

Feature enhancements:

  • Added or improved file type filtering for Ceylon, CSS, Elixir, HTML, log,
    SASS, SVG, Twig
  • FEATURE #1:
    Add support for additional text encodings, including automatic detection for
    UTF-16 via BOM sniffing. Explicit text encoding support with the
    -E/--encoding flag was also added for latin-1, GBK, EUC-JP
    and Shift_JIS, among others. The full list can be found here:
  • FEATURE #129:
    Add a new -M/--max-columns flag that omits lines longer than the given
    number of bytes. (Disabled by default!)
  • FEATURE #369:
    A new flag, --max-filesize, was added for limiting searches to files with
    a maximum file size.

Bug fixes:

  • BUG #52,
    BUG #311:
    Tweak how binary files are detected and handled. (We are slightly less
    conservative and will no longer use memory without bound.)
  • BUG #326:
    When --files flag is given, we should never attempt to parse positional
    arguments as regexes.
  • BUG #327:
    Permit the --heading flag to override the --no-heading flag.
  • BUG #340:
    Clarify that the -u/--unrestricted flags are aliases.
  • BUG #343:
    Global git ignore config should use $HOME/.config/git/ignore and not
  • BUG #345:
    Clarify docs for -g/--glob flag.
  • BUG #381:
    Add license files to each sub-crate.
  • BUG #383:
    Use latest version of clap (for argv parsing).
  • BUG #392:
    Fix translation of set globs (e.g., {foo,bar,quux}) to regexes.
  • BUG #401:
    Add PowerShell completion file to Windows release.
  • BUG #405:
    Fix bug when excluding absolute paths with the -g/--glob flag.