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  1. c3-pro-ios-framework

    Combining FHIR and ResearchKit

    Swift 23 5

  2. c3-pro-android-framework

    Bridging the gap between ResearchStack and i2b2 with FHIR

    Java 4

  3. c3-pro-server

    Highly reliable and scalable FHIR compliant web server, designed to cope with the traffic from mobile apps

    Java 4 2

  4. c3-pro-consumer

    Consumes data from a queue, stores the raw elements and exports the data to i2b2

    Java 3

  5. c3-pro-idm-service-py

    Python/Flask/MongoDB based IDM backend service

    Python 1

  6. c3-pro-idm-frontend

    Node.js based frontend to interface with the C3-PRO-IDM backend systems

    CSS 1

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