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Use this to test setting up CADViewer under Rails7

Either install directly under Rails on your environment, or create your own controller.

This package contains

1: CADViewer script library - installed under /public/app/ (omit /cadviewer/).

2: A sample HTML implementation of CADViewer in a Rails7 controller, using:

3: Content of /app/views/cadviewerbasecanvas/index.html.erb modified to include CADViewer.

This package does not contains

5: The back-end AutoXchange 2022 conversion server and connecting scripts. Install these separately!

NOTE: With this download, use the NodeJS CAD conversion server:

How to Use

Run Rails7 server under http://localhost:3000. In CAD Conversion Server, ensure the server is running on port 4000.

Use the content of /app/views/cadviewerbasecanvas/index.html.erb as a starting point of an integration.


How To Install CADViewer Handlers

Please refer to the general Documentation above, for the back-end handlers, there is more information on:

Updating CAD Converters

This repository should contain the latest converters, but in case you need to update any of the back-end converters please follow:

  • Download AutoXchange (and other converters), install (unzip) AX2022 in cadviewer/converters/ax2022/windows or cadviewer/converters/ax2022/linux or in the designated folder structure.

  • Read the sections on installing and handling Fonts in AutoXchange 2022 TechDocs and TroubleShooting.

  • Try out the samples and build your own application!


One issue that often appears in installations is that interface icons do not display properly:


Typically the variables ServerUrl, ServerLocation or ServerBackEndUrl in the controlling HTML document in /cadviewer/html/ are not set to reflect the front-end server url or port.

    var ServerBackEndUrl = "";  // or what is appropriate for my server; used for NodeJS server only
    var ServerUrl = "http://localhost/cadviewer/";   // or what is appropriate for my server
    var ServerLocation = ""; // or what is appropriate for my server

Have Fun! - and get in touch with us!


CADViewer Rails7 base sample in index.html.eml file






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