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Copyright © 2010-2011 Cisco Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2010-2012 Myricom, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2010-2018 UT-Battelle, LLC.  All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2010-2011 Qlogic Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2010-2014 Oak Ridge National Labs.  All rights reserved.


Additional copyrights may follow


= Requesting help ==============================================================

To request help using CCI, please subscribe to the users list at:

Once subscribed, you will be able to send email to:

Please include a detailed description of the issue as well as your
test environment. This is a useful guide for preparing help requests:

Thank you for using CCI.

= Supported Transports =========================================================

The following transports are supported:

  Sockets (UDP)
  OFA Verbs (InfiniBand and RoCE)
  Cray GNI (Gemini and Aries)
  Linux Ethernet (raw Ethernet)
  Shared Memory

= Current Limitations ==========================================================

The current CCI prototype has the following limitations:

  Multicast connections are not implemented

  See README.<transport> for additional notes and limitations for that

  The current CCI build system supports the standard 'make dist' command but
  users may face problems when using a MacOS/BSD environment, resulting in
  empty distribution archives. In this context, the following error message
  will appear in the output of the 'make dist' command:
    Numeric user ID too largeNumeric group ID too large
  This error is due to a user ID and group ID that BSD tar is trying to include
  into the archive but that cannot be encoded, usually because the user account
  is a "Network User" account. To address this problem, please follow these
    - compile GNU tar from source (,
    - extend your PATH environment variable to include the directory where the
      GNU tar binary has been compiled,
    - set the TAR_OPTIONS environment variable to "--owner=0 --group=0
    - run the and configure commands again.
  You should then be able to successfully create the CCI distribution archive
  by running the 'make dist' command.