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Roku Suite version 1.0.0

Roku suite was built with Roku channel development in mind. It's the ability to add multiple versions of a project as well as multiple Roku devices. There is a built in remote with key logging ability. Logs can also be saved into playlists and run automatically for testing.

Basic Usage

Add a project

Open add project window

cmnd A or Projects > Add

In add prject window

Choose directory to your Roku channel project.
Path and project name will be autofilled but can be changed.
Exclude Files is for any files that should be excluded from side loading.
NOTE. Any files/directories that begin with '.' will lautomatically be excluded from the packaging process for side load deployments.

Save Project

click save

Add a Roku

Open add Roku window

Rokus > Add

In add Roku window

Fill in fields ip address, device name, username, and password.
Ip address is the address to your Roku on your network. ex.
Device name can be whatever you want comes prefilled with My Roku.
Username is the username for ypu roku comes prefilled as rokudev.
Password is the password to your Roku usually set after enabling developer mode.

Save Roku

Click save and Roku will be added to Roku's pane as well as the Select Roku for deployment dropdown.

Deploy to a Roku

Select Roku

Ensure the Roku you want to deploy to is selected in the top dropdown in the main window.

Click Deploy

Click deploy on the project that you wish to be side loaded in the projects pane.

Key Press Logger

Open logger

In the tools pane at the bottom of the remote there is toggle key logger.

Once toggled active

A key logger window will open and begin logging presses from the remote in the main window. Individual key presses can be move within the key logger window. As well the cog in the top right of the key logger window will open a key logger menu that will give options to save, play, pause the set of key logs. which can later found in the key logs pane.

Multiple Rokus

Select multiple Rokus

To selecte multiple Rokus from main dropdown hold down Ctrl while selecting.


While multiple Rokus are selected they can be controlled with the remote and deployed to.

Auto Deploy

While auto deploy is activated

While auto deploy is active any changes made to files that are not excluded from normal side loading will trigger automatic side loading of the project that has the Auto Deploy button activated.

Removal of Projects, Rokus, Key Logs

To remove

To remove any project, Roku, or key log just simply simply drag it while in the main window into the trash can that will appear on start of drag.

Mouse Capture

To use mouse capture just click into mouse capture area and ensure a Roku is selected in main drop down. Once captured mouse movements will translate into Roku movements as well as keyboards keys pressed while native Roku keyboard is open. Shift + q to remove mouse lock. 
NOTE: Enter/Return = select on Roku.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.






Clone The repo

git clone

CD into rokuSuiteDesktop

cd roku-suite-desktop/

Install Dependencies

npm install

Check dependency installation(optional)

npm ls

Start the app

npm start

Running the tests

npm test

Built With

  • Node - Framework
  • Electron - Framework
  • See package.json for all dependecies


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


  • Christian Cecilia - Initial work - FuboTV


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details