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CCrypto VPN

CCVPN is all the software we use at CCrypto to provide our VPN.

It is made of a Pyramid web app you can see live at including an API, and OpenVPN config/scripts that checks user accounts and passwords with the API.

CCrypto's commercial support does not include this product. However, feel free to contact us and ask if you are having troubles running ccvpn, but without any guarantee.

Getting Started

    git clone
    cd ccvpn/

    pyvenv ccvpn_env
    source ./ccvpn_env/bin/activate
    ./ develop
    # Prepare the database
    initialize_ccvpn_db development.ini
    # Run the dev web server
    pserve development.ini

The default "admin" account has the password "admin".


    # Generate a secret token for your OpenVPN server
    ccvpn_apiacl ./development.ini add localhost

    cd openvpn/
    # You can copy and customize, or use this script:
    # run it renders config files to config/ for each profile

    # On a standard GNU/Linux distribution, OpenVPN config files are stored in
    # /etc/openvpn. Copy them or make links:
    ln -s $(pwd)/config/alpha.conf /etc/openvpn/ccvpn-alpha.conf
    ln -s $(pwd)/config/beta.conf /etc/openvpn/ccvpn-beta.conf

    # On Debian/Ubuntu:
    service openvpn start ccvpn-alpha
    service openvpn start ccvpn-beta

Bitcoin Payments

You will need to run a script regularly to check for verified transaction. With this app installed in /home/vpn/ccvpn/, add this in your crontab:

*/5 * * * * /home/vpn/ccvpn/ /home/vpn/ccvpn/development.ini