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BGP ranking is a free software to calculate the security ranking of Internet Service Provider (ASN).
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BGP AS / ISP Security Ranking

For an Internet Service Provider, AS numbers are a logical representation of 
the other ISP peering or communicating with his autonomous system. ISP customers 
are using the capacity of the Internet Service Provider to reach Internet 
services over other AS. Some of those communications can be malicious (e.g. due 
to malware activities on an end-user equipments) and hosted at specific AS location. 

In order to provide an improved security view on those AS numbers, a trust ranking 
scheme will be implemented based on existing dataset of compromised systems, 
malware C&C IP and existing datasets of the ISPs.

The official website of the project is:

There is a public BGP Ranking at

BGP Ranking is free software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License

BGP Ranking is a software to rank AS numbers based on malicious activities.
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