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CIRCL - Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg

CIRCL is the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team/Computer Security Incident Response Team) for the private sector, communes and non-governmental entities in


  1. AIL framework - Analysis Information Leak framework. Project moved to

    Python 1.2k 291

  2. Circlean Public

    USB key cleaner

    Python 409 71

  3. bgp-ranking Public

    BGP ranking is a free software to calculate the security ranking of Internet Service Provider (ASN).

    Python 99 17

  4. url-abuse Public

    URL Abuse - A Versatile Software for URL review, analysis and black-list reporting

    Python 132 28

  5. potiron Public

    Potiron - Normalize, Index and Visualize Network Capture

    Python 76 20

  6. PyCIRCLean Public

    Python library used by CIRCLean (the USB sanitizer) and others

    Python 47 20




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