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Traceroute improved wrapper for CSIRT and CERT operators
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The comment included in the whois format is
now discarded.


traceroute-circl is an extended traceroute to support the activities of CSIRT (or CERT) operators. Usually CSIRT team have to handle incidents based on IP addresses received.


  • Display abuse and contact for each hop
  • Display CIRCL BGP Ranking services (experimental)
  • Can highligh specific country to match CSIRT's constituency
  • Output RBL entries for each hop
  • Output Google Maps traceroute (e.g. a sample output )
  • Show ASN origin from RIPE RIS and sources


    perl traceroute-circl --ip
    perl traceroute-circl --rbl --ip
    perl traceroute-circl --country LU --ip 
    perl traceroute-circl -i -m out.js
    perl traceroute-circl -i -o"-I -v"

    traceroute-circl v0.3
    usage: traceroute-circl [options] 
    -d, --debug         Debug mode                                      
    -i, --ip            IP address to lookup                            
    -r, --rbl           RBL domain to lookup                            
    -b, --bgpranking    Output CIRCL BGP Ranking for each ASN
    -o, --addoptions    Additional option to traceroute
    -c, --country       Country ISO code to highlight (!!) in the output
    -f, --fullcountry   Display full country name                       
    -m, --geomap        Output file for the google map                  
    -h, --help          This help message                               
        --man           Display documentation


  • Perl
  • Perl Module Getopt::Compact
  • Perl Module Net::Whois::RIS
  • Perl Module IP::Country::Fast
  • Perl Module Net::Abuse::Utils
  • Perl Module Locale::Country
  • Perl Module LWP::Simple (used for Google Maps country lookup)
  • Perl Module JSON (used for Google Maps country lookup)
  • and an existing "traceroute"/"traceroute-nanog" on your operating system


Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Alexandre Dulaunoy

Copyright (C) 2010-2011 CIRCL Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (smile gie)

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