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DGPC: DeGiro Performance Charts

DGPC is a small and simple utility that parses CSV-exports from DeGiro and creates portfolio performance charts, such as the following:

Example DGPC output graph

The tool displays:

  • In green, the total value of the DeGiro account, including current stock prices, dividend, fees, cash, etc. This is the sum of the cash balance (in red, see below) and the current value of stock/ETF (not shown).
  • In magenta, the total nominal account value: money transferred in to the DeGiro account, not taking into account losses or profits.
  • In red, the cash balance: cash on the DeGiro account plus optional 'bank cash' if money is transferred out. Note that if cash is booked in and invested as stocks on the same day, it will not show up in the graph.
  • In orange, a benchmark (default IWDA ETF) assuming all invested money was invested in this instead at time of availability.
  • In blue, the same benchmark, but now assuming all available money was invested on day 0.

DGPC is not meant for professional usage and makes many assumptions, can't parse all CSV data (yet), and probably also makes a few mistakes and simplifications here and there. So use it at own risk, feel free to make a pull request to improve the tool.

Stock, ETF, and currency data is queried using the investpy package, based on data from


For running the tool itself:

  • Python 3.7 or newer
  • Several Python packages, run pip3 install -r requirements.txt to install

For running the tests and linters, you also need pytest, mypy, and pylint.


First you'll need to get an Account.csv file:

  • Log in to your DeGiro account
  • Go to Overzichten -> Rekeningoverzicht
  • Select the full date range and select Export

Now you can run the tool as follows:

python3 --input_file /path/to/Account.csv

It will output the graph as dgpc.png in your current folder. For more options and configurations, run:

python3 --help

Current options available in the tool:

  -i INPUT_FILE, --input_file INPUT_FILE
                        Location of DeGiro account CSV file (default: None)
  -p OUTPUT_PNG, --output_png OUTPUT_PNG
                        Path for output PNG image (default: dgpc.png)
  -c OUTPUT_CSV, --output_csv OUTPUT_CSV
                        Path for output CSV file (default: dgpc.csv)
  -e END_DATE, --end_date END_DATE
                        End date for plotting, as DD-MM-YYYY (default: 2020-05-03)
  -s START_DATE, --start_date START_DATE
                        Start date for plotting, as DD-MM-YYYY (default: 2000-01-01)
  -r REFERENCE_ISIN, --reference_isin REFERENCE_ISIN
                        ISIN to plot as reference, by default this is set to IWDA (default: IE00B4L5Y983)
  -y PNG_HEIGHT_PIXELS, --png_height_pixels PNG_HEIGHT_PIXELS
                        Height of image in pixels, width is determined with the standard 16:9 aspect ratio (default: 1080)
                        Hides absolute EUR values in the plot, e.g. for privacy reasons (default: False)


DGPC: DeGiro Performance Charts








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