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Comprehensive Bacterial Analytical ToolKit for Tuberculosis (TB) Research (and related projects)


  1. combat-tb-neodb combat-tb-neodb Public

    🐳 combatTB Neo4j Database

    HTML 1 1

  2. tbvcfreport tbvcfreport Public

    Generate an interactive HTML-based report from M.tb SnpEff annotated VCF(s)

    Python 2 2

  3. combattbmodel combattbmodel Public

    COMBAT-TB model is a Chado inspired graph model for genome annotation.

    Python 2 1

  4. irida-galaxy-deploy irida-galaxy-deploy Public

    🐳 Deploying IRIDA and Galaxy all in one server/VM using Docker or Terraform

    HTML 3 4

  5. neo4j-galaxy-ie neo4j-galaxy-ie Public

    🐳 Neo4j Galaxy IE

    Shell 2

  6. tb_variant_filter tb_variant_filter Public

    A tool for filtering VCF files (relative to M. tuberculosis H37Rv)

    Python 6 1


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