Basic Deployment

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CTFd can be deployed as a standard wsgi application. However, the simplest means of deploying a CTFd instance is to use Docker Compose.

  1. Install Docker
  2. Install Docker Compose
  3. Clone the CTFd repository with git clone
  4. Modify the docker-compose.yml file from the repository to specify a SECRET_KEY environment for the CTFd service.
    • You can also run python -c "import os; f=open('.ctfd_secret_key', 'a+'); f.write(os.urandom(64)); f.close()" within the CTFd repo to generate a .ctfd_secret_key file.
    - UPLOAD_FOLDER=/var/uploads
    - LOG_FOLDER=/var/log/CTFd
    - DATABASE_URL=mysql+pymysql://root:ctfd@db/ctfd
    - REDIS_URL=redis://cache:6379
    - WORKERS=4
  1. Run docker-compose up
  2. You should now be able to access CTFd at http://localhost:8000

If you're interested in a more advanced deployment read the Advanced Deployment page or contact for an Enterprise Deployment.

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