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Alfred Workflow for finding a snippet from your Cacher library.




Step 1

Run the following shell command from a Terminal window.

npm install --g alfred-cacher

Step 2

  1. View your API credentials at:
  2. You should see a dialog open with your API KEY and API TOKEN.

API Credentials

Step 3

  1. Open Alfred Preferences.
  2. Click on the "Workflows" tab and find Cacher.
  3. Click on the "Configure workflow and variables" button.
  4. Add the following under Workflow Environment Variables:
    • CACHER_API_KEY: [API Key from Step 2]
    • CACHER_API_TOKEN: [API Token from Step 2]
  5. Click "Save"

Set Environment Variables


In Alfred, type snip [keywords] and wait for results to return. Select a snippet and press Enter to copy its contents to the clipboard.

Libraries Used

  • alfy - Create Alfred Workflows using Node
  • Fuse.js - Lightweight fuzzy-search

Author / License

Released under the MIT License by Rui Jiang of Cacher.