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Lightweight fuzzy-search, in JavaScript
JavaScript Shell
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Update: There are plenty of enhancements that need to be done to this library. There's more work than available time for me; so if you're interested in being one of the core contributors and helping out, let's talk!



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Fuse is a full JavaScript fuzzy-search implementation that searches accross the keys of every record in a list.


keys (type: Array)

List of properties that will be searched. This also supports nested properties:

var books = [{
  title: "Old Man's War"
  author: {
    firstName: "John",
    lastName: "Scalzi"
var fuse = new Fuse(books, { keys: ["title", "author.firstName"] });

id (type: String)

The name of the identifier property. If specified, the returned result will be a list of the items' identifiers, otherwise it will be a list of the items.

caseSensitive (type: Boolean, default: false)

Indicates whether comparisons should be case sensitive.

includeScore (type: Boolean, default: false)

Whether the score should be included in the result set. When true, each result in the list will be of the form { item: ..., score: ... }

shouldSort (type: Boolean, default: true)

Whether to sort the result list, by score.

searchFn (type: Function, default: BitapSearcher)

The search function to use. Note that the search function ([[Function]]) must conform to the following API:

@param pattern The pattern string to search
@param options The search option
[[Function]].constructor = function(pattern, options) { ... }

@param text: the string to search in for the pattern
@return Object in the form of:
 - isMatch: boolean
 - score: Int
[[Function]] = function(text) { ... }

getFn (type: Function, default: Utils.deepValue)

The get function to use when fetching an object's properties. The default will search nested paths ie

@param obj The object being searched
@param path The path to the target property

// example using an object with a `getter` method
getFn: function (obj, path) {
  return obj.get(path);

sortFn (type: Function, default: Array.prototype.sort)

The function that is used for sorting the result list.

Bitap specific options

location (type: Integer, default: 0)

Determines approximately where in the text is the pattern expected to be found.

threshold (type: Decimal, default: 0.6)

At what point does the match algorithm give up. A threshold of 0.0 requires a perfect match (of both letters and location), a threshold of 1.0 would match anything.

distance (type: Integer, default: 100)

Determines how close the match must be to the fuzzy location (specified by location). An exact letter match which is distance characters away from the fuzzy location would score as a complete mismatch. A distance of 0 requires the match be at the exact location specified, a threshold of 1000 would require a perfect match to be within 800 characters of the location to be found using a threshold of 0.8.

maxPatternLength (type: Integer, default: 32)

The maximum length of the pattern. The longer the pattern, the more intensive the search operation will be. Whenever the pattern exceeds the maxPatternLength, an error will be thrown. Why is this important? Read this.

Contributing to Fuse

Before submitting a pull request, please add relevant tests in test/fuse-test.js, and execute them via npm test.

Note that ALL TESTS MUST PASS, otherwise the pull request will be automatically rejected.

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