A jQuery calendar plugin for creating flexible calendars.
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Calendario Build Status

NOTE: v5.0.0 has been found to be buggy as reported in #13. Please use v5.0.1! And to that planning fot the next big version of Calendario begins! Check out the wiki for more details.

A jQuery calendar plugin for creating flexible calendars.



Notable Changes


  • jQuery (Required) [GET!]
  • Event File (Optional)
  • Latest Mordern Browser (Required)


First download a copy and edit these.

Calendario.INFO = {
  EMAIL : '%email%', //your email
  FEED : '%feed%', //your feed link
  NAME : 'HangingTime!',
  VERSION : '5.0.0',
  UNIQUE : '%unique%', //your unique id
  USER : '%user%', //you name
  UPDATEURL : '%url%' //leave this

Then include them to the bottom of the <body> tag

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/calendario.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/data.js"></script>

How to Use

Initialize (All Options Mentioned)
    month: 02,
    year: 2012,
    displayWeekAbbr : false,
    displayMonthAbbr : false,
    startIn : 1,
    fillEmpty: true, //Show Previous and next dates in the empty cells of the calendar
    zone: '00:00',
    events : ['click', 'focus'],
    checkUpdate: true,
    weekdays: 'MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI',
    weekends: 'SAT, SUN',
    format: 'MM-DD-YYYY',
    feed: 'http://calendario.t15.org/sync/'
Access Calendario Functions

/* All Accessible Methods */
$('#calendar').calendario('getYear'); //returns
$('#calendar').calendario('getMonth'); //returns
$('#calendar').calendario('getMonthName'); //returns
$('#calendar').calendario('getCell', date, returnData); //returns
$('#calendar').calendario('setData', data, clearData); //does not return
$('#calendar').calendario('gotoNow', callback); //does not return
$('#calendar').calendario('gotoMonth', month, year, callback); //does not return
$('#calendar').calendario('gotoPreviousMonth', callback); //does not return
$('#calendar').calendario('gotoPreviousYear', callback); //does not return
$('#calendar').calendario('gotoNextMonth', callback); //does not return
$('#calendar').calendario('gotoNextYear', callback); //does not return
$('#calendar').calendario('feed'); //returns
$('#calendar').calendario('version'); //returns
Calendario Events
//This event triggers only once when all the calendario have been intialized
$(document).on('finish.calendar.calendario', function(e){ /* something */ });
$('#calendar').on('shown.calendar.calendario', function(){
	//onDay events to be declared inside 'shown.calendar.calendario'
	//If events : ['click', 'focus'] then only these two events will be
	//available, i.e., 'onDayClick.calendario' and 'onDayFocus.calendario'
	//and so on. You can have custom events.
	$('div.fc-row > div').on('onDayClick.calendario', function(e, dateprop) {

Other Platforms

Yeah! I'm excited to anounce that Calendario is extending is roots to other web platforms. Special thanks to Ray Flores for creating the Word Press plugin. Enjoy the flexibilty of Calendario in your wordpress application. Click on the choice of your platform and you will be redirected.


Where is Calendario being used?

new forest

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