curl wrapper script to upload local or remote files to
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Upload files from local or remote locations to


The only dependency is curl, which can be installed from your distribution's repositories.

Using basher

basher install Calinou/0x0

Using this installation method, 0x0 will be immediately available in your PATH.

Manual installation

# Download the script
curl -LO

# Make the script executable
chmod +x 0x0

# Move the script to a location in your PATH
sudo mv 0x0 /usr/local/bin


# Upload a local file
0x0 some_file.png

# Upload an URL's contents (starting with `http://` or `https://`)

If the upload is successful, the file URL will be printed to standard output.


Copyright © 2018 Hugo Locurcio and contributors

Unless otherwise specified, files in this repository are licensed under the MIT license; see for more information.