Features Overview

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Big Features

  • "Run" button compiles and launches the sketch
  • Multiple files (tabs)
  • A large set of examples (must be downloaded in-app, prompted on first run with Wi-Fi access)
  • Nested file manager, support for organizing sketches into folders
  • Import contributed libraries
  • Export sketch as a signed APK file
  • Internal documentation/reference viewer, including "Find in Reference"
  • Basic Git support (no branching yet, among other things)
  • Internal Android manifest file configuration (sketch permissions, orientation lock, etc.)
  • Sketch output (println() calls and exceptions) in the console
  • Android 7.0+ multi-window support (run sketch side-by-side with APDE)

Even More Features

  • Add files to sketch's "data" folder
  • Automatic saving
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto-indentation
  • Auto format
  • Comment/uncomment
  • Increase/decrease indent
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Find/replace
  • Hardware keyboard support, with keyboard shortcuts
  • Special character ({, ;, etc.) insertion tray for use with software keyboards
  • Export sketch as an Eclipse-compatible Android project
  • Color selector
  • Change sketch icon wizard
  • .java file support
  • Support "code" and "code-dex" folders for adding .jar files to a sketch

Upcoming Features (to-do list)

GSoC 2018 - 0.5.x

  • Wallpaper, watch face, and VR support (Android mode 4.0 integration)
  • Preview mode (run sketches without installing them)
  • Incremental compilation and error checking
  • In-app tutorial (basic APDE usage)

Check out the preview channel (and follow the instructions at the top) to get a preview version of 0.5.0!

Near Future

  • Auto-completion
  • Improved syntax highlighting

More Distant

  • Localization
  • Git branching
  • Sketch console overlay (see console output while in the sketch)
  • Library manager/downloader
  • Google Drive, Dropbox support
  • JavaScript, Python modes
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