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Calysto Processing is the merging of ProcessingJS with Project Jupyter (aka IPython). Processing Sketches are entered into Jupyter notebook cells, and even run in rendered notebooks. Sketches can be paused, and stepped one draw() at a time.

Because Calysto Processing uses MetaKernel, it has a fully-supported set of "magics"---meta-commands for additional functionality. A list of magics can be seen at MetaKernel Magics.

Calysto Processing in use:

You can install Calysto Processing with:

pip3 install --upgrade calysto_processing --user
python3 -m calysto_processing install --user

or in the system kernels with:

sudo pip3 install --upgrade calysto_processing
python3 -m calysto_processing install --user

Next, install Processing 2 or 3 from

You will need to make sure that you have installed and access to the processing_java command. Mac users will need to install it from Processing by selecting 'Install "processing_java"' under the Tools menu.

Finally, you need to set an environment variable with the location of processing-java, if it is not in your path. For example:

export PROCESSING_JAVA=/opt/processing-3.3.3/processing-java

Then, you can use it in the notebook with:

jupyter notebook

and then select Calysto Processing for a new notebook kernel.

Calysto Processing also has an enhancement: Tables, and some related functions:

/* @pjs includeTable="true"; */

Table table;

void setup() {
    table = loadTable("test.csv", "header");
    println(table.getRowCount() + " total rows in table"); 

long findMax() {
    int retval = 0;
    for (TableRow row : table.rows()) {
        int pop = row.getInt("Population");
        if (pop > retval)
            retval = pop;
    return retval;

Table-related classes and methods:

  • loadTable(CSV_FILNAME, "header");
  • Table class
  • TableRow class
  • table.rows() - returns iterator for use with for(TableRow row : table.rows()) {...}
  • row.getInt(COLUMN_NAME)
  • row.getString(COLUMN_NAME)
  • row.getFloat(COLUMN_NAME)

See source for more details.

Example notebooks can be found in


  • Jupyter
  • Python3
  • metakernel (installed with pip)
  • calysto (installed with pip)

Calysto Processing supports:

  • MetaKernel Magics
  • All of ProcessingJS, plus pause/restart and stepper