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Advertising Detector Plugin

This Plugin was developed about extension-boilerplate

advertising detector plugin

Spanish Version here


  • You can set the accounts where then it's going to get the advertising to monitor.
  • You can set the Backend API Url where it's going to send the info.
  • You can build to Chrome, Mozilla and Opera browsers.
  • More features here


  • Clone the repository git clone
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm run build

Build for each Browser

  • For Chrome and Opera browsers
    • Chrome: run npm run chrome-build
    • Opera:, run npm run opera-build
  • For Mozilla Firefox browser
    • Run npm run firefox-build

In the directory adv-detector-plugin/build/ will be create a new folder for each browser with the builded version.

  • For load the extension in Chrome and Opera browsers, open it and navigate to chrome://extensions then choose "Developer Mode". Do click on "Load unpacked extension" and from the file system load adv-detector-plugin/build/chrome or adv-detector-plugin/build/opera
  • For load the extension in Firefox browser, open it and navigate to about:debugging then choose "Load Temporary Add-on" and from the file system load adv-detector-plugin/build/firefox


  • Run npm run chrome-dist , npm run firefox-dist or npm run opera-dist and will be create a zipped file in adv-detector-plugin/dist for the browser that has been choosed, ready to upload to the AppStore.


  • In the file adv-detector-plugin/src/config.js is an array with the accounts that going to monitor.
"accounts": [
    "name": "Account Name", // for example: Facebook
    "page_id": "Page id", // for example: 185150934832623
    "page_name": "Url page" // for example:
  • For configure the location, add the options in the array locations
"locations": [
  "Select an option",
  "City one",
  "City two",
  "City three",
  "City four",
  "City five",
  "City six",
  "City seven",
  "City eight",
  "City nine",
  "City ten"
  • Backend API Url, where it will be send the information
"adUri": "API Backend URL", // Backend url
  • To set the HTML selectors with that Facebook define the Sponsored posts (advertising)
"fbAds": {
  "mainContainerQuerySelector": "[id^='topnews_main_stream_'",
  "profileIdContainerQuerySelector": "a[title='Perfil']",
  "targetAdWord": "Sponsored",
  "postQuerySelector": "hyperfeed_story_id_",
  "postSubtitleQuerySelector": "[id^='fe_edsubtitle']",
  "postIdQuerySelector": "[name=ft_ent_identifier]"


This Plugin scans the advertising that appear on your Facebook news feed.







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