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Cambá Laboratorio de Tecnología


  1. vue-admin vue-admin Public

    An open source frontend Framework for building admin applications running in the browser on top of REST, using ES6 and Vue.js

    JavaScript 132 24

  2. ns-vue-radio ns-vue-radio Public

    A native white-label application built with NativeScript-Vue for community radios

    JavaScript 39 9

  3. vue-dynamic-table vue-dynamic-table Public

    Vue-dynamic-table is a open source pluging for VueJS to develop forms more easily. This pluging helps you to choose the type of each column, and add or delete as many rows as you want.

    JavaScript 17 2

  4. fake-data-generator fake-data-generator Public

    Just a small open-source script to create fake data given a simple JSON model.

    JavaScript 49 14

  5. Guitarra-Vas-a-Llorar Guitarra-Vas-a-Llorar Public

    Proyecto hibrido entre guitarra electrica y diodos emisores de luz basado en GuitArduino

    Python 10 4

  6. adv-detector-plugin adv-detector-plugin Public

    This Plugin scans the advertising that appear on your Facebook news feed.

    JavaScript 14 1


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