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Simple sitemap generator with Python 3
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Simple sitemap generator with Python 3


This is simple and easy sitemap generator written in python which can help you easily create sitemap of your website for SEO and other purposes.


Simply you can run with thisthis command and program will create sitemap.xml with links from url option

python --url=""

If you want custome path for sitemap file you can add --output option like below

python --url="" --output="/custom/path/sitemap.xml"

By default program will print parsing urls in console, but if you want to run siletnly you can add --no-verbose option.

python --url="" --output="/custom/path/sitemap.xml" --no-verbose

If you want to restrict some urls from being visited by crawler you can exclude them with regex pattern using --exclude option. Below code will exclude png or jpg files.

python --url="" --output="/custom/path/sitemap.xml" --exclude="\.jpg|\.png"
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