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What is the Cascoda SDK?

The Cascoda Software Development Kit ...

...includes a comprehensive set of tools for developing systems integrating Cascoda hardware. The SDK is designed to be cross-platform and flexible, enabling designing on one system and porting to another with ease. Many example applications are included in order to demonstrate use of the systems.

...contains a general API to interact with the CA-8210 or CA-8211, which can be run on Bare Metal or Linux systems. It also contains a collection of custom and third-party helper libraries, which have been integrated for development convenience. A complete reference of the Cascoda SDK API can be found here.

...contains a Bare Metal board support package (BSP) which provides a portable abstraction for Bare Metal platforms, and a useful set of libraries that can be used to bootstrap development. The Linux platform takes advantage of the extra functionality to enable control of multiple devices at a time, and dynamic selection of SPI/UART/USB Cascoda devices.

...contains Thread applications, which when run on the Chili2D, result in a Thread Certified Component, proving compliance with the Thread 1.1 specification. (Note: this only applies to the SDK version 0.13). This means that developers can use the Chili2 and Cascoda SDK in confidence to develop a quality Thread Product. It also opens up the path of 'Certification by Inheritence' at the Thread Group Implementer Tier of membership.

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Getting started

We offer binaries that can be flashed directly onto our Chili2D USB module inside Cascoda's Windows Tools are provided via an installer (click here to download). However, is for advanced users only as these binaries cannot be used with our USB module, only with Chili2S devices soldered onto a PCB.

Click here to for the latest release of all binaries and tools mentioned above.

A reference of all documentation and guides is located here, but to get started, here is a list of things you might be looking to do...

If you're a developer or simply want to delve deeper into the Cascoda SDK, read on.

For developers

The reference document for the Cascoda SDK is a great place to get started if you want to delve deeper into the Cascoda SDK! In that document, you will find among other things...

  • Development tips: guides on building, configuring, flashing and debugging
  • Details about the internal workings of the different modules, APIs, and applications
  • List of all the tools and applications, both for embedded and hosted platforms
  • Description of the architecture and layout of the SDK, and what is available in each folder

Need help?

If you want to report bugs or request features, submit your request to the Issue Tracker.

Security information

Information about security vulnerabilities can be found here.