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heinezen commented Nov 24, 2020

Required skills: Python, maybe Cython

Difficulty: Medium

The openage converter is able to optimize the compression for created PNG files by utilizing a search algorithm inspired by OptiPNG. To do this, the search algorithm first tries 8 different compression settings by creating PNGs with these settings in-memory. The compression settings that produ

Fangliding commented Nov 27, 2020




Nocccer commented Dec 3, 2020

Feature: Print out what git/svn status returns, if uploading of a package fails because of uncommited changes.

It happend on our CI (Jenkins) few times now that upload failed because of uncommited changes.
We clear the whole repository folder after a build process to save storage. So we couldn't check it by ourself after the failed build.
To get the uncommited changes and fix them, we

ancarda commented Nov 22, 2020

When in a large channel with light-to-no-moderation, sometimes users will start recording without asking if anyone doesn't want to be recorded. When this happens, I typically mute myself / let go of the push-to-talk button.

Describe the feature you have in mind
I would like an option somewhere in the settings to have Mumble auto-mute whenever someone in the channel begins reco

kittaakos commented Dec 10, 2019

Bug Report

This happened on Windows with the Pro IDE. This is all I can see in the logs:

root ERROR Uncaught Exception:  Error: 2 UNKNOWN: error getting port list from serial-discovery: read |0: The handle is invalid.
root ERROR Error: 2 UNKNOWN: error getting port list from serial-discovery: read |0: The handle is invalid.
    at Object.callErrorFromStatus (c:\Users\kittaakos\Desktop\
bjorn-ali-goransson commented Nov 10, 2020

Describe the feature you'd like
When saving a game, you should get a suggested savegame mentioning Campign-or-Skirmish, map name, opponent-count-if-skirmish, cheating-enabled-or-not

Describe why do you think it is needed
Coming up with a good name gets tedious.

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