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CasparCG Server is a Windows and Linux software used to play out professional graphics, audio and video to multiple outputs. It has been in 24/7 broadcast production since 2006. Ready-to-use downloads are available under the Releases tab



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CasparCG Server

Thank you for your interest in CasparCG Server, a professional software used to play out and record professional graphics, audio and video to multiple outputs. CasparCG Server has been in 24/7 broadcast production since 2006.

The CasparCG Server works on Windows and Linux.

System Requirements

  • A graphics card (GPU) capable of OpenGL 4.5 is required.
  • An Nvidia GPU is recommended, but other GPU's will likely work fine.
  • Only Intel CPU's have been tested and are known to work


  • Only Windows 10 is supported


  • Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 are supported

Getting Started

  1. Download a release from ( Alternatively, newer testing versions can be downloaded from ( or built from source

  2. Install any optional non-GPL modules

    • Flash template support (Windows only):
    1. Uninstall any previous version of the Adobe Flash Player using this file: (

    2. Download and unpack (

    3. Install Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800.94 from the unpacked archive: fp_11.8.800.94_archive\11_8_r800_94\flashplayer11_8r800_94_winax.exe

  3. Configure the server by editing the self-documented "casparcg.config" file in a text editor.

    1. Windows: start casparcg_auto_restart.bat, or casparcg.exe and scanner.exe separately.
    2. Linux: start the program or use tools/linux/ to run within docker (documentation is at the top of the file).
  4. Connect to the Server from a client software, such as the "CasparCG Client" which is available as a separate download.


The most up-to-date documentation is always available at

Ask questions in the forum:

Resolving Common Issues On Linux

Common problems you may encounter when running on newer and unsupported Ubuntu editions:

  1. HTML producer freezes and/or throws "Fontconfig error" message Add below line to script: export FONTCONFIG_PATH=/etc/fonts

  2. HTML producer throws "GTK theme error" message Install gnome-themes-standard package: sudo apt install gnome-themes-standard

  3. Error while loading Extract and to CasparCG lib/ directory. You can get it from:

  4. Error while loading Install central cgroup manager daemon (client library): sudo apt install libcgmanager0

  5. Error while loading shared libraries: Install GNOME configuration database system: sudo apt -y install libgconf2-4

  6. lib/ version `ZLIB_1.2.9' not found cd your_casparcg_directory/lib/ sudo mv sudo ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/


See BUILDING for instructions on how to build the CasparCG Server from source manually.


CasparCG Server is distributed under the GNU General Public License GPLv3 or higher, see LICENSE for details.

CasparCG Server uses the following third party libraries: