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Categorical Query Language

For more information, please see:

Build and installation

Pre-built Binary


Quick build guide:

  • create a new java project
  • add the src/main/java folder as a source folder
  • add resources as a separate source folder
  • add lib/* to the classpath as external jar files
  • run catdata.ide.IDE as the main class

Detailed Build Guide

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Categorical Data IDE

AGPL 3 license for non-commercial use; contact us for commercial licenses.

Copyright (c) 2015+ Conexus AI, Inc. All rights reserved.

Contains binary distributions of

jparsec (Apache), JUNG (BSD), RSyntaxTextArea, autocomplete and rstaui (BSD), Commons CSV, Exec, and Collections4 (Apache), H2 (EPL), OpenCSV (Apache), JGraph (BSD), Javax JSON (CDDL) and JSON (JSON), txtmark (Apache), GraalVM (MIT), Commonmark (BSD), commons-lang-3 (Apache), Google Guava (Apache), Gnu Trove (LGPL), Picocli (Apache), Apache HttpComponents and Jena (Apache)

And a source distribution of