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TBestLittleHelper commented Sep 18, 2020

Currently, h8=q and H8 works to promote to a queen.
h8=Q does not work. (I think this should work)
h8Q also does not work. (Not sure if this should work, but the user in discord tried this first.)

As a side not, the box shows red when typing h8= , despite this still being able to result in a valid input (h8=q)

a616781689 commented Nov 28, 2019

看了fish-redux的todoList demo,发现里面连接全局状态的方法是使用visitor

visitor: (String path, Page<Object, dynamic> page) {
      /// 只有特定的范围的 Page 才需要建立和 AppStore 的连接关系
      /// 满足 Page<T> ,T 是 GlobalBaseState 的子类
      if (page.isTypeof<GlobalBaseState>()) {
        /// 建立 AppStore 驱动 PageStore 的单向数据连接
        /// 1. 参数1 AppStore
        /// 2. 参数2 当 AppStore.state 变化时, PageStore.state 该如何变化
NeQuissimus commented Jan 7, 2019

I just came across the fact that a Show[Throwable] exists.

  1. It is not wired up into import Scalaz._, one needs to import
  2. It discards the stack trace entirely.

What's going on with this? :D
Is it OK if I fix both of these (for 7.2 and 7.3)?

neko-kai commented Jul 12, 2020

CE have released their own take on tracing, with following notable changes compared to original ZIO Tracing:

  • Instead of parsing lambdas, CE throws exceptions in IO constructors and cleans up stacktraces. That also means there is no regional control of tracing and AFAIK no way to avoid slight overhead even when tracing is completely disabled – but OTOH it may probably work on Scala.js
  • Trace

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