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Notice: OBS Studio 26.1 officially provides virtual cam support, and can be used without installing this plugin.
See issue (#56) for more information.

An OBS Studio plugin that provides output capabilities to a Video4Linux2 device. It is basically a Linux version of obs-virtual-cam, but only contains the video sink part. You can use it with v4l2loopback to achieve cross-program video transfer between OBS Studio and third party software supporting Video4Linux2, e.g. to present an OBS session in proprietary browser-based conferencing systems by selecting the OBS session as a webcam.

The idea for this plugin originated from the discussions around obs-virtual-cam issue #17.

Usage with v4l2loopback

  • Make sure to load the v4l2loopback module and check the Device Path.
    • If using Chrome or Chromium you must use the option exclusive_caps=1.
  • Open OBS and select the menu entry Tools > V4L2 Video Output.
  • Fill in the Device Path and select the appropriate video format.
  • Click the Start button.

Property Window


  • Install QT
sudo apt install qtbase5-dev
  • Install LibObs
sudo apt install libobs-dev
  • Get obs-studio source code
git clone --recursive
  • Build plugins
git clone
cd obs-v4l2sink
mkdir build && cd build
cmake -DLIBOBS_INCLUDE_DIR="../../obs-studio/libobs" -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ..
make -j4
sudo make install