Add a scanner and a metadata parser for japanesemediamanager/ShokoServer and
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Cazzar 1.3.0
For ShokoServer 3.8.2 (minimum version supported)
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This is a plex library metadata currently written only for TV shows.

Usage: Until japanesemediamanager/ShokoServer#546 is merged matching will not be 100%


Naming episodes/series works best with This format unless using the "Shoko Series scanner"

  • I reccomend installing the Shoko Series scanner into the Scanners/Series folder for better compatibility.
  • DO change the preferences to match what you have.


I do plan to in the long term to add things such as scrobbling to this plugin - This has been added to Shoko, via webhooks

Another future plan is in regards to syncing watched status between shoko and plex. - This can be done inside shoko. via webhook or manual plex linking.