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PPSSPP - a fast and portable PSP emulator

Created by Henrik Rydgård Additional code by many contributors, see the Credits screen

Originally released under the GPL 2.0 (and later) in November 2012

Official website:

To contribute, see the development page.

For the latest source code, see our github page.

For build instructions and other development tutorials, see the wiki.

What's new in 0.9.6

  • Large general speed improvements
  • "Software Skinning" option which speeds up many games with animated 3D characters
  • Various fixes around stencil/alpha, reducing glow problems in Wipeout and Gods Eater Burst
  • Timing improvements making more games run at the correct FPS, also fixing some audio issues
  • More debugger features
  • Option for four-way touch dpad, avoiding diagonal issues
  • Individually resizable touch controls
  • Add ability to switch UMD in multi-disc games (works for most)
  • Support for "Immersive mode" full screen on Android Kitkat on devices that support it (Nexus 4, etc).
  • Emulate PSP-2000 rather than the 1000 model by default. Not much different in practice.
  • Automatic install of games from ZIP files, like demos and many homebrew.
  • VERY basic ad-hoc online play support, to be improved in future versions. See below.

What's new in 0.9.5

  • Many, many emulation fixes:
    • bezier/spline curve support, fixing LocoRoco and others
    • stencil clear emulation, fixing Final Fantasy IV text
  • Performance improvements in some games
  • Post-processing shaders like FXAA, scanlines, vignette
  • More solid save states (we will try to keep them working from now on. Save states only upgrade forward, not backward to older versions though).
  • Change render resolution independently of window size
  • Massive debugger improvements
  • Win32 menu bar is now translatable
  • Multiple UI bugs were fixed, and the UI instantly changes when a new language is selected
  • Win32: Ability to store PPSSPP's config files and memory stick files in places other than the same directory
  • Android-x86 support
  • Unofficial port for modified Xbox 360 consoles
  • Atrac3+ plugin no longer required. Symbian now supports Atrac3+ audio.
  • Symbian audio and ffmpeg is now threaded for more consistent media processing.
  • Haptic feedback support for mobile devices.
  • Accurate system information for mobile devices.
  • Qt audio has been fixed.
  • Analog controller support for Blackberry.

ADHOC SUPPORT (by Igor Calabria)

This is based on coldbird's code: All credit goes to him!


Code is a bit of a mess and it's not fully functional yet, I still need to implement some functions and add a upnp lib(really important for people with routers).

I did test it with some games(emulator <-> real psp with the server running locally) and it's looking good:

  • Worms Open Warfare: Ran just fine, I was able to play a whole match without problems
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: Runs fine too. Gathering Hall and embarking on quests works
  • Dissidia Duodecim 012: Doesn't work. It requires some functions that I haven't implemented yet. Also, it uses a port < 1000 and thats reserved for admin apps on linux, running the emu as sudo "solves" it, but it's far from ideal.
  • Pacman World Rally: Works too.

Update (Kyhel) :

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