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CertiCoq is a compiler for Gallina, the specification language of the Coq proof assistant. CertiCoq targets Clight, a subset of the C language that can be compiled with any C compiler, including the CompCert verified compiler.

Large parts of the CertiCoq compiler have been verified whereas others are in the process of being verified.


The CertiCoq Wiki has instructions for using the CertiCoq plugin to compile Gallina to C and interfacing with the generated C code.

You can also find some demos here and here.

Installation Instructions

See for installation instructions.

Current Members

Andrew Appel, Yannick Forster, Anvay Grover, Joomy Korkut, John Li, Zoe Paraskevopoulou, and Matthieu Sozeau.

Past Members and Contributors

Abhishek Anand, Greg Morrisett, Randy Pollack, Olivier Savary Belanger, Matthew Weaver


CertiCoq is open source and distributed under the MIT license.

Directory structure

  • theories/ contains the sources of the compiler
  • plugin/ contains the CertiCoq plugin for Coq
  • benchmarks/ contains the benchmark suite
  • glue/ contains the glue code generator
  • bootstrap/ contains the bootstrapped CertiCoq plugin for Coq and a CertiCoq-compiled variant of MetaCoq's safe type checker.

Structure of the theories directory:

  • theories/common: contains common code utilities
  • theories/Compiler: contains the toplevel CertiCoq pipeline
  • theories/LambdaBoxMut: mutual inductive version of MetaCoq's LambdaBox erased language
  • theories/LambdaBoxLocal: variant where deBruijn indices are represented using N instead of nat. The transformation from LambdaBoxMut let-binds the definitions in the environment to produce a closed term.
  • theories/LambdaANF contains the λANF pipeline (and conversions -- direct and LambdaANF -- to λANF)
  • theories/Codegen contains the C code generator.


We use github's issue tracker to keep track of bugs and feature requests.