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SonarSearch v2

This repo contains all the tools needed to create a blazing fast API for Rapid7's Project Sonar dataset. It employs a custom indexing method in order to achieve fast lookups of both subdomains for a given domain, and domains which resolve to a given IP address.

An instance of this API (Crobat) is online at the following URL:


Crobat is a command line utility designed to allow easy querying of the Crobat API. To install the client, run the following command:

$ go get

Below is a full list of command line flags:

$ crobat -h                                                                                                                                                                      
Usage of crobat:
  -r string
    	Perform reverse lookup on IP address or CIDR range. Supports files and quoted lists
  -s string
    	Get subdomains for this value. Supports files and quoted lists
  -t string
    	Get tlds for this value. Supports files and quoted lists
  -u	Ensures results are unique, may cause instability on large queries due to RAM requirements

Additionally, it is now possible to pass either file names, or quoted lists ('') as the value for each flag in order to specify multiple domains/ranges.

Crobat API

Currently, Project Crobat offers two APIs. The first of these is a REST API, with the following endpoints:

/subdomains/{domain} - All subdomains for a given domain
/tlds/{domain} - All tlds found for a given domain
/all/{domain} - All results across all tlds for a given domain
/reverse/{ip} - Reverse DNS lookup on IP address
/reverse/{ip}/{mask} - Reverse DNS lookup of a CIDR range

Additionally, Project Crobat offers a gRPC API which is used by the client to stream results over HTTP/2. Thus, it is recommended that the client is used for large queries as it reduces both query execution times, and server load. Also, unlike the REST API, there is no limit to the size of specified when performing reverse DNS lookups.

No authentication is required to use the API, nor special headers, so go nuts.

Third-Party SDKs


If you wish to contribute a SDK written in other languages, shoot me a DM on Twitter (@CalumBoal), or open an issue on this repository and I will provide a link to your repository in the Third-Party SDK's section of this readme.