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This repository is primarily maintained by Omar Santos and includes thousands of resources related to ethical hacking / penetration testing, digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), vulnerability research, exploit development, reverse engineering, and more.

  • Updated Oct 20, 2020
  • Python
jhertz commented Apr 17, 2020

Hi All,

So I'm trying to use hydra to bruteforce a login on a system that uses custom http headers to receive the username and password. Hydra does not seem to be doing substitution of ^USER^ and ^PASS^ when used as HTTP headers. If I issue issuing a call to hydra like this:

hydra "http-post://\:^USER^:H=password\:^PASS^" -l admin -p admin

I see the following r

analyserdmz commented May 7, 2020

Would be awesome if it would be possible to save the found streams to a M3U file, compatible with VLC. An example template of a valid M3U file is the following:

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="" tvg-language="" tvg-logo="" tvg-country="" tvg-url="" group-title="",[IP AND CHANNELID HERE FOR NAME]

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="" tvg-langua

渗透测试有关的POC、EXP、脚本、提权、小工具等,欢迎补充、完善---About penetration-testing python-script poc getshell csrf xss cms php-getshell domainmod-xss penetration-testing-poc csrf-webshell cobub-razor cve rce sql sql-poc poc-exp bypass oa-getshell cve-cms

  • Updated Oct 21, 2020
  • PowerShell
ThunderSon commented Sep 12, 2020

What's the issue?
Overwritten test scenario, can be summarized and link to payload lists from other repos

How do we solve it?
Chop down the content to the required and needed information, link to payload lists instead of enumerating all possible usernames and passwords, provide further guidance on how to test.

If no one is up to handle it, I can take care of it

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