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CT-CODE game modification engine.
Copyright (C) 2011-2014 Alex "Chadderz" Chadwick
Copyright (C) 2011-2014 Robert "MrBean35000vr" Chadwick.
See LICENSE for details.

CT-CODE is an engine for modifying the game Mario Kart Wii. It provides an
extensible framework for adding extra functionality to the game. It contains
the following features at present:
	* Replaces game course load logic to allow more than 32 race courses.
	* Replaces game menu logic to display a menu with arrows to allow more than
	  32 courses to be selected.
	* Changes online region of play to create isolated online multiplayer.
	* Adds a 'speedometer' to the game in single player mode.
	* Adds a randomiser to the menus to allow random track selection.
	* Sets the draggable option on the 'blue shell' item.

See BUILDING for instructions on how to make and install the engine.
See PORTING for information and speculation about porting the code to other
regions or games.

The engine is broken into two parts:
	BAD0 - the modification to main.dol, repsposible for loading BAD1.
	BAD1 - code embedded in a texture which performs most of the actual work.

The engine works by changing the entry point of the game's executable
(main.dol) to BAD0. This then edits the behaviour of the game to load a texture
called CTGP_CODE on the Health and Safety screen rather than the default. It
also patches the game to branch to this texture as executable code. BAD1 is
embedded inside this texture and from there it alters the game according to its
code. BAD0 should be changed as little as possible, its behaviour is designed
to be generic so that only BAD1 needs to be changed to add new functionality.