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Charcoal website Travis

Setting up the Charcoal website locally

Before you can develop and contribute to the Charcoal website, you'll need to install the relevant packages and dependencies.

  • If you're on a Mac, you'll need to install Developer Tools (or Xcode).
    • In Terminal, run xcode-select --install
    • You may already have Xcode installed. Make sure it's up to date by running softwareupdate --install -a to install all updates.
  • If you're on a Linux, you can install Ruby from your package management system:
    • Debian, Ubuntu and similar: Run sudo apt install ruby
    • Fedora, CentOS and similar: Run sudo yum install ruby
    • Arch and Manjaro: Run sudo pacman -S ruby
  • Next, you'll need to install the Ruby package manager, Bundler:
    • gem install bundler
    • If, for example, you already have bundler, you can skip to the next step
  • Finally, install the project-specific dependencies:
    • bundle install
    • You can see what the dependencies are in Gemfile.lock.

Previewing the Charcoal website locally

You'll need to build the website based on the markdown files, then run the server that serves up the compiled website.

  • script/build
    • Download and process this repository, as well as the Wiki pages
  • script/serve
    • This runs the server that lets you preview what the website will look like once deployed. By default, the server listens to port 4000, which means you can open in your favorite browser and see how the site looks like.
    • Using this script instead of bundle exec jekyll serve will make the server only rebuild changed pages and automatically reload open pages in the browser when rebuilding.

Build automation

For every commit to this branch, or to the repository Wikis of either Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector or Charcoal-SE/metasmoke, a build for the Charcoal website is triggered on Travis CI.

This branch site contains the source code of the majority of the Charcoal website. During builds, the Wikis of Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector and Charcoal-SE/metasmoke are also fetched and built together. Refer to the build script for more information.