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React Hook for reading from and writing to the user's clipboard.
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useClippy is a React Hook for reading from and writing to the user's clipboard.

Not to be confused with Microsoft Office's assistant, Clippy. 📎


  • npm install use-clippy or
  • yarn add use-clippy


useClippy() returns a tuple analogous to useState, where the first item is the clipboard contents and the second item is a function for setting the clipboard contents.

import React from 'react';
import useClippy from 'use-clippy';

function MyComponent() {

  // clipboard is the contents of the user's clipboard.
  // setClipboard('new value') wil set the contents of the user's clipboard.
  const [ clipboard, setClipboard ] = useClippy();

  return (

      {/* Button that demonstrates reading the clipboard. */}
        onClick={() => {
          alert(`Your clipboard contains: ${clipboard}`);
        Read my clipboard

      {/* Button that demonstrates writing to the clipboard. */}
        onClick={() => {
        Copy something new

export default MyComponent;
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