HTTPS website server with cert autogeneration and server push
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It serves websites.....

  • with autogenerated SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt
  • with HTTP2 server push for less round trips
  • with automatic http to https redirects
  • easy static file to path mappings

For an example of a website running on websiteServer visit and the associated SSL report can be found here.

Use a mapping.json file to descibe which files to serve at which paths:


Then run websiteServer:

$ ./websiteServer

Please make sure port 80 and 443 are accessible and DNS for your domain is set up. A full list of flags can be found via:

$ ./websiteServer -h

Building with Docker

An example Dockerfile can be found here.

Local development

Please have go and go dep installed.

To install dependancies

$ dep ensure

To build:

$ go build

Please log any bugs or suggestion as Github issues. Pull requests always welcome.

Special thanks to Let's Encrypt, please consider donating to them.