Open source release of city bike rack locations throughout Chicago.
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The City of Chicago is releasing selected datasets from the data portal under the MIT License (see below). This repository contains:

  1. Data in a comma separated values (CSV) format.
  2. Examples of importing data into R.

Working with CSV Data

The data was released as a CSV file. Below are some simple instructions which will show you how to load CSV in R.


Find an example script here. This example will import the data in R and create a couple of maps.


  1. Set the working directory to the location of the downloaded repository.

  2. Import data:

    bike.racks <- read.csv("data\\Bike_Racks.csv")
  3. Review the new dataframe:

  4. Ensure the map works:

    plot(bikes.racks$Longitude, bike.racks$Latitude)

Here is the output you should expect from the plot() command: plot(bike.racks)


This data is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt.