City of Chicago

Open source projects created by the City of Chicago. City staff can request access through developers@cityofchicago.org from their work email.

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  1. climatechangeisreal

    Republish the climate change websites removed by the EPA onto your own site. Amplify the dangers of climate change.

    HTML 22 8

  2. opengrid

    A user-friendly, map-based tool to combine and explore real-time or historical data.

    JavaScript 210 48

  3. RSocrata

    Provides easier interaction with Socrata open data portals http://dev.socrata.com. Users can provide a 'Socrata' data set resource URL, or a 'Socrata' Open Data API (SoDA) web query, or a 'Socrata'…

    R 138 61

  4. open-data-etl-utility-kit

    Use Pentaho's open source data integration tool (Kettle) to create Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes to update a Socrata open data portal. Documentation is available at http://open-data-etl-ut…

    Shell 80 24

  5. clear-water

    Forecasting elevated levels of E. coli at Chicago beaches to provide proper warning to beach-goers.

    R 40 37

  6. west-nile-virus-predictions

    Algorithm to predict repeated positive results for West Nile Virus for mosquitoes captured in traps across Chicago.

    R 8

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