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HTTP+HTTPS server simultaneously #191

helllamer opened this Issue · 8 comments

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It will be good to listen HTTP and HTTPS ports simultaneously. Current easy-to-use variant, CB + nginx as proxy, crashes on chunked encoding and other HTTP/1.1 features. This is because nginx does not support HTTP/1.1.

By now, other possible crunches are:

  • CB + apache + mod_proxy + mod_ssl - it works! But have much more complexity (compared with nginx).
  • Run two instances of CB in cluster: disadvantages are overhead of session replication, double RAM consumption and overall system design looks ugly.

Also, a patch was proposed some time ago.
Hope, this will be implemented in future.

Original message from google-groups.
Some related patches was in pull-request #44 "Multiple listeners".


I'm happy to have multiple listeners. I was unhappy with the previous patch set because I thought it was too complex and not re-usable enough.

Do you need to distinguish HTTP from HTTPS traffic inside the application?


I think, it will be enought to:

  • In controller: somehow detect, if SSL is enabled or not. It can be used to enforce SSL or plain HTTP using absolute-URL redirects.

I'm thinking something like

Req:http_or_https() -> http | https

Yes, this or something like this will be enough for 99% cases.


@kotedo, good call since SPDY is around the corner.


Ok, I submitted a pull request to SimpleBridge, check out


@zkessin zkessin was assigned

Btw, i pushed some code to SimpleBridge for support of X-Forwarded-Proto header ( nitrogen/simple_bridge#32 ).

It can be useful when nginx is in charge of SSL, and cb is running behind.

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