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Android Port of glTRON -

This project was undertaken by myself (Iain Churcher) to learn both android and openGL ES programming.

The code in this project was based on glTron version 0.7 by Andreas Umbach and can be found at the following website:

The code created is Java port of the original 'C' code, there is no Android NDK calls thus should be fully portable to all current and future Android platforms.

This is not a faithful port and I have taken 'creative' license with numerous concepts.

I am fairly new to Java coming from a C background and as such please forgive my messy inefficient code.

I hope that this helps other people with learning to program android opengl games and that they have as much fun as I have had making this.

I can be contacted via GitHub (Chluverman)... or via


As this code was derived from a GPL project all code thus provided remains under the GPLv3 and can be found on github under the android-gltron repository.

See COPYING file for license info

Note that the GPL means you have to contribute changes back to the community!


As this was a learning experiance this is not a faitful port missing features are as follows:

1) Recogniser not implemented.
2) Bike shadows not implemented
3) Bike glow not implemented
4) Bike model explosion (attempted this but was far to slow on my phone)
5) Speed Boost..
6) 2d Map
7) Multiplayer (alas i only have one android device)
8) Loadable artpacks (fixed to the default)
9) Any user settings.. (e.g. fixed to HARD AI) (Now done in 1.1)
10) 3D sound (only your own bike makes engine noise and no sounds are directional)

Probably a few other things ive missed.

I have no immediate plans to continue working this code but if enough people request features than I shall endevour to find some more time.


Developed on a Nexus S running Ice Cream Sandwich

Tested on:
Samsung Tab 10.1
Sony Erricson Xperia