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External Interaction

The API is also documented via OpenAPI. You can have a look at the quickstart.

Discover other PeerTube servers

There is now a dynamic list at instances.peertu.be, maintained by @Chocobozzz. It is not playing any role in the federation process at the moment, but it's a nice aid if you want to discover instances or be discovered.

If you want to follow them automatically as they come you have 2 scripts, but then beware that you blindly trust every other admin for enforcing sane moderation policies :

  • Peetube AutoDiscover by Jorropo, that uses following and followers list of nodes you already follow to discover new nodes.
    • Can discover nodes unlisted in the official list (if an admin forgot to add their node in the official list this isn't a problem) as it recursively asks nodes you already know.
    • Doesn't require a central node exchange point (node list)
    • More secure than shell script (shell script use file as variable for storage of login token)
  • script from Skid and python3 version
    • Faster
    • Protects privacy (maybe if a node isn't listed on instances.peertu.be there is a reason)

You can do a cron like */10 * * * * /opt/peertube-autofollow.py >/dev/null 2>&1 to automate its update.

Other Documentations

We are in the process of merging documentations. Please bear with us, something nice is gonna come out of this, but for now please refer to the README.

User documentation :fr:

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