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Choirless is a musical collaboration platform for virtual choirs. Built on @Rend-o-matic.

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  1. Application-Server Application-Server Public

    The front-end of the Choirless platform.

    Handlebars 6 3

  2. Public

    Choirless overview mini-site

    HTML 5 3

  3. smiler smiler Public

    Extract the most smiling image from a video clip

    Python 3 1

  4. cfc-virtual-choir cfc-virtual-choir Public

    IBM Call for Code entry for Virtual Choir

    Python 2 2

  5. choirlessapi choirlessapi Public archive

    Choirless data layer and RESTful API

    JavaScript 2 5

  6. mail-server mail-server Public

    An API for sending emails to Choirless members

    HTML 2 1


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