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Stadia Enhanced

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  • Set VP9 or H264 as the preferred codec
  • Enable 2K & 4K (requires GPU with support for VP9 decoding)
  • Stream Monitor (Displays frame/package loss among other things), via the group menu
  • Changeable library size on the home screen, toggle between 2 up to 6 items per row
  • Settings for used stream codec and resolution
  • Quick access menu for screenshots and video captures, speedtest, the community and more
  • Store search bar to quickly find games
  • Direct links to a list of Pro titles and games currently on sale
  • Many possible adjustments for the user interface, to allow for a cleaner homescreen
  • The ability to filter games, or install shortcuts for them on your device
  • Slight tweaks to your messaging experience, including emoji support


Chrome Store

  • Install the extension from the official chrome web store here.


  1. Download the newest files of the extension.
  2. Open chrome://extensions
  3. Enable developer mode.
  4. Load the downloaded files via the "Load unpacked" option.

Please note that installing the extension this way, removes the automatic update functionality.

Support this project



If the project isn't available in your own language, or incomplete, feel free to check out the translation info page.

Pull Requests

The main point about this repository is to provide the sourcecode of the current release version of Stadia Enhanced. Pull requests for new feature implementations will be manually merged into the (non-public) dev version and tested for errors, before being released with the next public version of the extension. Please post updates to translations in their respective discussions. No content will be pulled directly into the current release version.

Ideas? Requests? Questions?

Check out the discussions page and stay in contact with the community.



Various new features for Google Stadia