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Aug 5, 2020

Chrome DevTools frontend

npm package

The client-side of the Chrome DevTools, including all JS & CSS to run the DevTools webapp.

Source code

The frontend is available on

Design guidelines

Please be aware that DevTools follows additional development guidelines.

Issue triage

The issue triage guidelines can be found here.


Instructions to set up, use, and maintain a DevTools frontend checkout can be found here.

Additional references

Source mirrors

DevTools frontend repository is mirrored on GitHub.

DevTools frontend is also available on NPM as the chrome-devtools-frontend package. It's not currently available via CJS or ES modules, so consuming this package in other tools may require some effort.

The version number of the npm package (e.g. 1.0.373466) refers to the Chromium commit position of latest frontend git commit. It's incremented with every Chromium commit, however the package is updated roughly daily.

Getting in touch

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