Hemisphere Suite is alternate alternate firmware for Ornament and Crime, featuring a dual-applet framework with dozens of different modular functions.
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Hemisphere Suite: Alternate Alternate Firmware for Ornament and Crime

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Hemisphere Suite is an open-source project by Jason Justian (aka chysn)

ornaments & crimes is a collaborative project by Patrick Dowling (aka pld), mxmxmx and Tim Churches (aka bennelong.bicyclist) (though mostly by pld and bennelong.bicyclist). it (considerably) extends the original firmware for the o_C / ASR eurorack module, designed by mxmxmx.


eurorack / teensy 3.2 DAC8565 quad 16bit CV module w/ OLED display

14HP, depth ~ 25mm

build guide: http://ornament-and-cri.me/